SPB Projektz

Service Panel Beaters Projektz was introduced for our high-end Automotive Enthusiasts whose “pride” is their “ride”. Who demand the best for less, giving our client’s affordable workmanship and quality all under one banner. Branding our mark on Service Excellence.

Specializing in Exterior modifications such as body kit customizing and upgrading, body-widening, vinyl wrapping, plastic-dipping and Pearlescent water-bond paint application also done for that elegant finish. From Interior upholstering to performance engine upgrades whether “Mild” or ”Wild” we take ultimate pride in your ride to make it one of a kind.

•    Body kits and widening
•    Modifications ie. Fender flaring
•    Engine and exhaust modz.
•    Re-upholstering ie. Cabriolets
•    Diagnostic resetting/Can bus modeling
•    SRS/Airbag repair
•    Software upgrades (OEM) ie. Increased BHP
•    Sunroofs and I.C.E systems.
•    High Definition Lighting upgrades
•    Chassis Reinforcing for Dragsters.

If your vehicle says SPBPROJEKTZ its of a class of its own. If it doesn’t, pay us a visit and our team will re-design your ride to suit your swag.

SPB PROJEKTZ – The New Generation of Automotive technology.

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