Chassis Straightening

All chassis damages are straightened on our cellete bench and measured electronically to factory specifications on a computerised measuring system.

Panel Beating

Our Qualified artisan’s are geared to repair, fit and accurately spot weld panels with the latest equipment such as the double sided spotter 14000 AMPS approved by VW. Our workmanship carries a 12 month guarantee.

Spray Painting

Our state of the art spray booth and oven guarantees a superb factory finish. We are on water borne paints supplied by Glasurit which carries a lifetime warranty.


Stripping and assembling is carried out in a neatly tiled designated area. Vehicle parts are stored in mobile lock up cages ensuring parts are not misplaced. These mobile storage cages are fitted with wheels and can easily be moved to the assembly area.


Vehicles are driven into the polishing bay where our qualified polishing team transforms the vehicle to a showroom finish.

Auto Valet

Vehicles are cleaned in and out in our wash bay ensuring the vehicle once again looks like new.

Suspension Repairs

Suspension parts are of great importance to the road handling and safety of a vehicle. All Suspension Repairs are carried out by our qualified mechanic and fitted and aligned according to factory specs.


We carry a guarantee on fitting and removing windscreens to SABS standards.

Auto Trimming

Trimming and upholstery is remanufactured to high quality specification in both leather and fabric.


We offer a 24 hour FREE towing service to our valued customers.